i only saw you for just a few minutes today. i saw you enter the row of seats a few feet in front of me, i don’t think you saw me, though. your face was the same and i had to lightly slap myself to see if i was dreaming, if it was really you. i can’t believe it was. i haven’t seen you or spoken to you in two years and there you were again, all of a sudden. i thought you’d never come back. i thought you had moved. why did you come? all these thoughts in my head, and i became self-conscious out of nowhere, knowing that if you were to see me at all this morning, i would have to make sure i looked a lot better than the last time we spoke. i would have to make sure i was exploding with confidence, with stories on how fabulous my life has been since you left. but i was in no shape to be seen by my past this morning. i got up and got ready this morning to just have a normal day as usual, and it ends up not being a normal day. because i saw you. you seem to always catch me off guard whenever you have one of your reappearing acts. as i watched the back of your head from where i sat, watched you say hi to our former mutual friends who sat in front of you, watched you play a whole different person than who i once knew, i realized how much i couldn’t breathe. and i left the room. i wonder if i’ll ever see you again after today, but as of now, i’m still unsure how i feel about seeing you today after it’s been such a long while. 

im kinda really sad


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One Thing Gemini Has in Common With Other Signs
  • Aries: Being argumentative
  • Taurus: Intellect
  • Gemini: Everything
  • Cancer: Moodiness
  • Leo: Social charm
  • Virgo: Chatty
  • Libra: Seeing both sides
  • Scorpio: Curiosity
  • Sagittarius: Playfulness
  • Capricorn: Sarcasm
  • Aquarius: Openness to change
  • Pisces: Ability to adapt to situations

i want to know

how can i be a better girlfriend

One Thing Taurus Has in Common With Other Signs
  • Aries: Stubbornness
  • Taurus: Everything
  • Gemini: Sharp mind
  • Cancer: Desire for comfort
  • Leo: Loyalty
  • Virgo: Grounded in reality
  • Libra: Love for luxury
  • Scorpio: Intensity
  • Sagittarius: Indulgence
  • Capricorn: Stability
  • Aquarius: Follow-through
  • Pisces: Need for quiet time

❝I could start fires with what I feel for you.❞
(David Ramirez (via the-century)


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One Thing Aries Has in Common With Other Signs
  • Aries: Everything
  • Taurus: Stubbornness
  • Gemini: Argumentative
  • Cancer: Tough externally, soft inside
  • Leo: Leadership
  • Virgo: Getting things done
  • Libra: Romantic
  • Scorpio: Passion
  • Sagittarius: Adventure
  • Capricorn: Determination
  • Aquarius: Desire to fight for a cause
  • Pisces: Idealism


i wish he’d show up here more often
i remember when he was a leader
he shined so bright that i was jealous
i wonder what he’s doing right now
if he’s still in the last place i saw him
i know he’s a stranger to me now
i know he’s probably long forgotten all about
everything we’ve said before
it was all just a forgotten fairytale
without the happy ending

i will never forget how you waited for me
to come back to the table before you started eating
how you let me stand on your toes at our first concert
your early morning voicemail messages before you went to school
walking round the mall together
with just my sister knowing
that time you bought me all that stuff
i still have some of your junk
if they could only bring me back to you
i wish they would

i wonder if he’s even missing me
does my image come to mind
when he sees faces on the streeti wonder if he started drinking cause of me
i’ll always be known as the one who pushed him too far
would he enjoy it if we got high together
maybe we’d have nothing to talk about but our past
that would be too much
does he still have the things that remind him of me
my scarf, my cards, my shirt, my books, my cds
i want them back along with him
now all the memories come flooding in

I wrote this in…


sneaking in and around unsuspecting souls
we’d go anywhere to meet
the randomest most inconspicuous spots
just to feel each other’s heart beat
maybe we were just desperate
but it didn’t occur to us then
all for the taste of a lover’s lips
we wanted more

meeting in the empty boys’ bathroom at church
sneaking around but we knew it would hurt
if someone found our hiding spot
the funniest most dangerous part of us
was our secret holy rendezvous
i regret nothing, hope you say so too

oh you were my baby back then
and i belonged to you
desperate to hold on but clueless about love
we hung on to the cliff and to each other
we did anything for just a five-minute touch
cross bus lines and empires in a few hours
like we were so sure it would pay off in the end

this is where we’d meet
where you’d put your hands on me
and i’d listen to your heart beat
just for me, for us
at that moment
almost getting caught
but we risked it all
fallen angels caught up in a tangle
but we were free while in bondage
those times will never
leave my memory
as long as i sit here
in the place where we’d meet

feeling stupid

for every single little thing